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Reliable, Innovative & Friendly Service Since 1987

Operating in the North Bay region for nearly 30-years, Huffman Engineering & Surveying provides professional and courteous service to its varied clientele. Whether you're a homeowner, a developer or a municipality Huffman's team of experienced professionals can help guide your project through the ever changing maze of regulations and requirements standing between you and your finished project.

Centrally located in downtown Santa Rosa, HES has experience working all over the North Bay region providing a wide range of services in the Civil Engineering & Surveying fields.  

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Areas of Practice

Residential Development

Whether you're building your dream home, a vacation home, or a second unit for your in-laws, current regulations require a number of considerations be made. From roads to drainage, building pads to water systems, we provide the  guidance needed to get your permits.    


If you're getting ready to develop, it's important to get the lay of the land and know all their is to know about your property. From topographic surveys, to boundary surveys, construction surveying to flood studies, our surveying team has a combined 40-years of experience. 

Commercial development

Commercial development presents a unique set of challenges in the North Bay region. Huffman's team of qualified professionals can help you meet all of the latest Low Impact Development and Accessibility requirements necessary for your project.                                                  

MUNICIPAL projects

Cost is typically the driving factor in all design decisions for municipal projects. We have experience working with large consultant teams to reduce costs, value engineer and keep your project under budget.

on-site wastewater treatment systems

Disposing of your wastewater is the cornerstone of any rural development. From single family homes to large scale wineries, new-development or re-development, waste disposal is an increasingly regulated and costly part of your development plans. We have the experience to minimize those costs and simplify maintenance.

winery & Agriculture

In the North Bay region Wine & Ag are kind. However they are also some of the most heavily regulated sectors in the area. The latest regulations for On-site Wastewater Treatment & Erosion Control have but a strain on these sectors. We can help you meet the current codes and save you money while we do it.